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Gary Turner, Xero

The future of technology in business

As we move into an era of exponential digitisation and reliance upon technology, the way we finance and manage business is profoundly changing and key developments in financial technologies are empowering businesses in ways that would be unimaginable a decade ago.

Gary Turner, Xero Co-Founder and Managing Director, will reveal the key trends and business model disruptions that will define the next ten years.


Nick Coleman, Snaffling Pig

Innovation is at the heart of our strategy and it doesn’t have to come in the shape of new technology or a completely new approach to doing things. Innovation can be built into the very fabric of the business by empowering your staff to just ask why.


Draven McConville, Klipboard

Collaboration with The Future Workforce

The future workforce, better known as the millennial generation born between 1980 and 2000, are now entering the workplace in large numbers. This generation tends to be uncomfortable with rigid corporate structures and are disengaged with information silos, which is why collaboration within the workforce is key.

This workforce have an overwhelming desire to learn and progress quickly up through a business, though more importantly to note is their willingness to move on quickly if their expectations are not immediately met. With 32% of Millennials collaborating on tablets, phones and smartwatches compared to 23% of the Baby Boomer generation, they are constantly living in a connected world that requires employers to choose careful collaboration tools for the working environment. These tools set the standards for an organisation to become more productive and empowered with the use of the right technology.

The demands of the Millennial generation require a focussed response from employers and my talk will consider the ways in which best practices can be used to implement the right technology to collaborate and connect the future workforce.


Julia Kessler, NIX&KIX

The importance of collaboration

We all have great ideas on a day to day basis. How many of you have that constant nagging and ask if a specific aspect in life, small or big, could be improved or fundamentally changed.

However, unless you do something about it, share and engage with an audience, your idea will never come to life.

Julia Kessler is the co-founder of NIX&KIX and will give an inside how she grew from 0 to 250 customers and 3 countries within 1 year by leveraging networks and collaborate.


Simon Badman, Social B

Collaboration Gets Social 

Simon will be exploring the ways in which social media has improved collaboration and also acted as a catalyst to facilitate it. His session will look at the collaboration between different organisations; between organisations and their clients and customers and how internal social media collaboration can significantly improve organisational performance.



Maureen Sumner Smith, BSI

We are living in an era where the business world is stretched as never before, stretched by expanding geographies, by varied cultures, by innovative technologies and the ever increasing pace of life. For leaders this means facing ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous management conditions. In this highly pressured world, success is determined by those that embrace change and come back stronger. We call this Organizational Resilience. By thinking organization wide about operations, supply chain and information those under pressure not only survive but use the energy to spring back and thrive.

It’s about acquiring habits of excellence and continual improvement to become more adaptable, agile, and robust across all aspects of an organization. Its products, its processes and its people. Mastering organizational resilience leads to future prosperity and longevity. Those that learn to spring forward and not back will reap dividends for their company, employees, investors, government and society in general. Maureen Sumner Smith, COO for BSI EMEA, talks to you about how BSI can help SMEs growth, survive and prosper in today’s challenging environment.



Craig Donaldson, Metro Bank

ACCELERATE: To accelerate you need to know where you are, where you are going and how to get there. Then you need to be fanatical about delivering through your business model and culture.

Model + Culture + Fanatical Execution = FANs and FANs = Success!



Emma Titmus, London Stock Exchange

Accessing Finance for Growth

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is passionate about helping companies scale up. This short presentation and discussion will highlight the ways LSEG can help your business to grow through our business support programme ELITE, through the vibrant community of those profiled in the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain report and by accessing growth equity capital via public markets like AIM.

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